My coaching is all about connecting you with Who You Really Are and What You Really Want.

“Let go of who you think you are so you can access who you really are. And I do believe that is one of the great functions of a coach. A coach is somebody who is not fooled by your appearance. You’ve been telling them for an hour that you’re stuck and they’re tempted to believe you but they’re not going to. Because they know that it could only be the ego, the self-image that’s stuck.” -Robert Holden

Everything we do (or don’t) is because of  how we think. My coaching is therefore thought-based, so we are dealing with the cause of issues rather than only treating the symptoms. This means increasing awareness of your current thought patterns, connecting you with your internal guidance system, releasing what no longer serves you, and remembering how to think in a way that will allow you to create and sustain the results you want in your life. More simply–this coaching process is about releasing who you are not, and remembering Who You Are.

Each 1 hour coaching session via telephone is $150. To schedule sessions, email me at

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